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Royal Gala Apples are one of the most treasured fruits for their abundant health properties. The apples have a crisp and firm sour skin which is patterned red and yellow. The sweet and juicy medium-sized apples are a treat for the tongue and the stomach.


Health Benefits
  • Considered as a natural substitute for medicines, apples have plenty of vitamin C and dietary fiber. They assist in good digestion, help maintain a healthy immune system, and generate collagens for glowing, healthy skin. Eating a Royal Gala Apple daily will lower your chances of getting conditions like diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases. Being fresh produce, it is good for your teeth and fights foul breath. Apples can also be your trusted weight loss partners.
  • You must store apples far away from direct sunlight, in a dry and cool place. For prolonged freshness, wrap them individually with paper. This way, even if an apple is spoiled, the others won’t rot. Also, after cutting slices of apple, don’t leave them in the open air. Soak them in water.
  • Experience the sweet taste of apples in fruit salads, custards, smoothies, pies, etc. Due to the freshness and succulent taste, the popularity of online fruits has risen among the population.


Their versatility is one of the reasons for the evergreen demand for Royal Gala Apples in the market.

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