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About Our Farm

The Supple Agro is a three-year-old farm fresh vegetables growing firm, with 20 employees and ploughing the eight acres of land which is located, one hour away from Delhi.

We are currently growing 20 varieties of Microgreens, 9 varieties of herbs, 2 varieties of tomatoes, 19 varieties of lettuce, 15 varieties of edible flowers and 12 varieties of vegetables.

  • We have cold rooms escalated in one acre and refrigerated trucks to maintain cold chain during delivery.
  • We have set up our own networking for marketing of our farm fresh products because of unorganised demand and lack of any existing infrastructure. We also own an outlet in new Subzi Mandi ( Vegetable wholesale market), Azadpur which is Asia’s biggest fruits and vegetable market.
  • On the point, our clientele list has 200+ clients which incorporate five-star hotels, retail chains like big bazaar, hyper city, spencer hyper, food courts, metro cash and delectable cafes.
  • Our products and services are available in Delhi, NCR, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Lucknow, Mumbai, Jammu, Agra and Jaipur.
  • Our online partners are Amazon and Jag’s Fresh.

Supple Agro ensures the freshness of its produce is maintained across the supply chain. In an endeavour to reach our discerning clientele, Supple Agro has started the novel concept of providing online vegetables in Delhi and supplying wholesale vegetables online to its patrons.

Our philosophy

The Supple Agro is the finest, high-quality brand which makes sure to bring you the fresh products and services, all the way from our hard-working farmers. We will continue to meet customer's expectations by consistently providing products that meet the highest touchstones. For us, anything less is obnoxious. Supple Agro's is solely dedicated to these benchmark standards:

  • Across the board plans for food safety measures.
  • Pest control management programs.
  • Strict quality control measures.
  • Art of quality productions and better transportation facilities.
  • Progressive research and innovations.
  • Persistent measures and health check of our farmers, community and employees.
  • We are committed by supplying the consumer with the fresh, finest, high-quality products.
  • We are always in favours of these goals with a diligent philosophy and highest ethical conducts, employees behaviour, and social and environmental measures.

We are a team of growers, packers, processors, shippers and employers, committed to consistently providing unprocessed and high-quality vegetables while protecting the environment in which its products are grown and processed. Supple agro is dedicated to quality and is committed to comprehensive programs for food safety, scientific crop protection programs, rigorous quality control measures, an art of standardized and transportation technologies. We perpetrate to nutritional education and want to spread health awareness by communicating/spreading to the public about the health benefits of eating a wholesome diet.



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