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Ripe Avocado(Small)

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Promoting healthy food choices is the major concern of parents for their children and toddlers. New born and toddlers in our origin, usually have stomachache, vomiting and restlessness. Acidic reactions caused because of bad food choices which leads to the above mentioned disease.

Benefits of Ripe Avocado

As adults, we are always aware of our health and what nutritional values we need and we find our way for our diet accordingly. you may often think if avocados are good for babies and toddlers or not, But the answer is yes! Avocado nowadays is highly recommended by nutritionists for infants and toddlers. Avocados are laden with fats which are healthy fats and essential for growing children.

The taste and texture of ripe avocados makes a great choice for a healthy and balanced diet for toddlers. Ripe avocados can be mashed and served alone.


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