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Baby carrot are actually very young carrots that are harvested while the vegetables are still quite tiny.

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About The Product
  • Black carrots have a unique taste that is quite different than orange or white carrots. Enjoy an unexpected sweetness and a mildly spicy aftertaste.
  • Also, they are black on the outside you might see a paler color on the inside.
  • Being high in anti-inflammatory properties, organic vegetables like black carrots are great to treat Alzheimer’s disease, reduce inflammation, optimize digestion, and so on.
  • It also helps you to reduce your cholesterol levels.

Whenever you are buying online vegetables and fruits make sure to grab this powerhouse of nutrition.


Storage Tips
  •  Did you know carrots can stay fresh for at least twelve months, based on how you store those? Prevent all kinds of moisture to keep them fresh and long-lasting.
  • When you buy online vegetables like carrots you have to store them in perforated plastic bags and keep them in the refrigerator. They do well for at least 5 days when they are kept this way.
  • Whether you store them in the fridge or not, keep them away from pears, apples, and ripe bananas which might speed up their ripening process.


Different Recipes With Carrots
  • You can use black carrots just like normal carrots.
  • Usually, it is good to use in a salad, thanks to the sweet and spicy flavor.
  • You can steam it, add it to your stew or soup.
  • Plus, you can also cook salads and curries.

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