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Strawberries are probably the most popular berry fruit in India. Their vibrant crimson hues and vivid glow have a special place in people’s hearts. But, they are not always available to satiate the cravings. So, we present to you Delishh Frozen Strawberries that are as alluring and succulent as the fresh strawberries. The absolute delight that these strawberries are, they have given a new dimension to this luscious berry that everybody adores.  


Health Benefits
  • The fruit, apart from being known for its sweet-tart taste, is also popular for its myriad health benefits. Like its other cousins of the berry family, strawberries are also rich in antioxidants, dietary fiber, and Vitamin C. The heart-shaped outline of the fruit is one of the indicators of its healthy properties. The fruit increases good cholesterol, regulates blood pressure, and protects your heart health. 
  • Eating frozen strawberries benefits your taste buds as well as your body. It will be a sheer delight to consume these yummy little frosted chunks. They are a great substitute for high-calorie and sweetened snacks. And you can meet your daily requirement of fruit intake in a tastier way. So, eat them like popsicles or mix them in a fruit drink, the choice is yours to take a step towards healthiness.

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