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Delishh Frozen Blackberries 1 kg


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Frozen Blackberries are a great way to add variety to your everyday food dishes. They can be procured easily and are very convenient in terms of storage. In India, where you do not generally have access to blackberries, Connoisseur Frozen Blackberries is the must-have choice for you. 


Health Benefits
  • These frozen fruits are a nutritious addition to your daily diet. Full of healthy components like vitamins, dietary fibers, and antioxidants, these frozen berries are as natural as they can get. Since they are already sweet with a smooth texture, no sugar is chemically added to the frozen blackberries. Their frozen form does not essentially diminish their nutritional value. They are frozen during the season of maximum harvesting. This ensures utmost freshness so that you can relish their taste all year long. 
  • Blackberries, in frozen form, are the perfect supplements to homemade fruit salads, breakfast cereals, and smoothies. The combination of frozen blackberries with whipped cream on top of desserts like waffles, custards, and pancakes is a showstopper. You can even use these berries to make jelly, sauce, and jam.  
  • Anytime, you have a craving for blackberry cheesecake or tart, just search for the frozen blackberries in your freezer and bake yourself a treat! 

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