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enriched with vitamin A, B1, B2, C,iron minerals; relish the box of fresh dark leaves that offers health in a deliciously spicy radish flavour.

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As a cruciferous vegetable, radish sangro is filled with so many nutrients. These organic vegetables are juicy, powerful and sweet in taste. The root crop contains a rich amount of folic acid, vitamins and anthocyanins.  Besides benefitiing your hair and skin, it also has cancer-fighting properties.


Nutritional Value


Total Carbohydrate -4g

Dietary Fiber -1.6g 6% RDA


Vitamin C-22mg 37% RDA

Folate-28.0mcg 7% RDA

Calcium -27mg 3% RDA

Iron -0.4mg 2% RDA


Health Benefits
  • Being great for your helath, radish has a high content of dietary fibre. The high fibre count improves your digestive system and keep your metabolism in check.
  • When you buy online vegetables like radish, know that you will be consuming a lot of irons. Besides, promoting healthy cells, it assists to maintain your hair, skin, and nells.
  • Radish is also rich in vitamin A, C and K. It helps to prevent your skin condition. Consuming radish leads to enhance cell production and repair
  • You will get the same amount of anti oxidant from radish that is found within citrus fruits and vegetables.

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