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Heart shaped leaves with more peppery and nutty taste.

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Rocket or arugula (called in the US) is often used as a salad leaf. But you can do much more with it. For example, you can top a pizza with it, make hummus or pesto, or add it to soups, stews, or pasta. So, don’t skip this gem when you buy online vegetables. The young tender leaves carry a peppery, bitter flavor that makes them suitable for so many dishes.


Health Benefits
  • Wild rocket leaves contain a vast range of health-promoting properties such as phytochemicals including dietary fiber, Vitamin C, calcium, Vitamin K, Potassium, and glucosinolates. When you buy online vegetables, you get so many healthy nutrients that help your body fight against multiple serious diseases.
  • Rocket leaves also contain high dietary fiber that can help to improve your digestive health. The fiber contents can significantly help your nutrients absorption.
  • Consuming rocket leaves also means that you are consuming a lot of fiber. It helps your constipation by promoting uninterrupted bowel movement. Constipation happens when your diet lacks fiber. Add this gem to your cart and get rid of constipation.
  • Besides being high in fibers, rocket leaves are low in calories. They help to make you full even when you have eaten a lesser amount.

A high fiber count also blocks fat to accumulate in your body. Haven’t you been looking for such a gem?


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