“Understanding Natural Products as a whole”

To modify the experience of consumers, it is necessary to educate them about What the product actually is, Its relevance, The market strategies and most importantly How they reach out to the customers.

  • What does “Natural” mean?

The term “Natural” refers to a way through which foods are grown.  These crops must be grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Talking about the relevance of these products, we can say that natural food can have so many impacts on people’s lifestyles which can positively affect them in all ways whether it is physically, mentally or emotionally. In comparison to non-organic products, they are more natural and have more nutrients that your body needs. People who eat natural foods regularly have fewer chances of getting allergies and other diseases.

Some major benefits:

  • The no chemical policy:

Natural food farming always follows a no chemical policy which makes it different from conventional farming. Less use of pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides and fungicides are done in the production of such food. Supple agro’follows this policy from the very beginning.

  • A contribution to our environment:

For a sustainable future for ourselves and for nature, The production of natural food is a practice that looks forward to our nature first. Conserving the soil fertility, conservation of water, reducing pollution and use of fewer artificial fertilizers protects the living beings around.

  • The Marketing:

There are percentages of people who want products according to their preferences and priorities which includes the people who prioritize their health first and prefer only 100% naturally grown food, the ones who want to save their time and money and go with the locally grown products as they are easily available. 

Natural products are often not available easily at markets as they are transported directly from the farms. These foods are not long-lasting as they don’t contain artificial preservatives like locally grown food which makes them last longer and fresher. This is the reason why organic farms are nearer to where it is sold.

  • Natural Farming and Supple Agro’s customer reach strategy:

Keeping Natural products on hand, let’s talk about Microgreens, as a natural products seller. Through the years of our business as food sellers, the major question that customers have is that Why does it take 24 hours to deliver the products? As the other sellers take just less than an hour to deliver. We just want to tell you that marketing of naturally grown food is not an easy task to do, from taking the products from farms and reaching out to you, it takes a lot. There is a huge difference between Supple Agro and other food sellers. They ensure the minimum delivery time as they have loads of products already stored with them whereas Supple Agro takes the time of 24 hours as it includes the procedure of transporting them from farms, coming to the distribution centers and then reaching you in their purest form.

Other than this we just want to tell you that We follow a Zero stock policy as we ensure that when the products reach you they will be fresh and less untouched.

Microgreens is soon going to add a new feature in it’s marketing strategy. Customers can visit the farms via whatsapp video call and can select the product according to their preferences. This feature will help customers who just want 100% product value and safety without going outside as it will provide our customers with a real time experience and create an exact digital marketing scenario for our customers. It enhances their differentiation skills so that they can choose what they want exactly and build a buyer and seller trust.

Barcoding on products is also gonna be available soon through which customers can get knowledge about their product. For example, when the fruit plucked from the tree, at what time it got sanitized, when it dispatched and reached out to you and the basic information about the product etc.

According to Natural market strategists, Microgreens products can be friendly in every aspect you want, all you need is to set priorities:

  1. Set a budget.
  2. Keep an eye on the product labels.
  3. Always shop at the Farmers market (traditionally or digitally): Microgreens is one of the finest digital food markets that deals in local as well as international products.
  4. Join a community that supports Naturally grown food:  Microgreens is not just a seller, it’s a community that educates people about the importance of Natural products.

    Next time when the question comes to your mind why the products take that much time to reach you, just remember the story behind it and the wise man’s words Good things always take time”……
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