Want to keep fruits always around?  Try fresh dried fruits.

Want to keep fruits always around? Try fresh dried fruits.

Finding happiness sometimes is so easy.

If you are rolling your eyes to find your smile, let me reveal the secret of happiness in just one go. 

I am speaking about lots of health in your hand with Supple Agro Fresh Dried Fruits. 

Whhaaat! it did not make you happy. 

Read the details and you will truly dance by knowing how amazingly it contributes to your fitness. 


The concept of dried fruits originated with the idea of using fruits as snacks and keeping them preserved for a longer run. 

Later the idea was perfectly accepted by the high-class population and dried fruits turned to be a symbol of elegance. However, in today’s scenario, dried fruits are more into solving the problem of convenience and health. 

It is a perfect alternative for people who prefer healthy eating in a handy way. You can just buy dried fruits, eat and preserve them for a really long time.  

Moreover, dried fruits consist of equal nutritive value as compared to fresh fruits and sometimes even have more fiber contributing support to your digestive system.

For the people who are fitness enthusiasts, dried fresh fruits are a surprisingly healthy snack option. 

Will dried fruits make you fat?

Are you among the people who avoid eating dried fruits because of the belief that it will make you fat? 

Well, even if you are, then you are soo close to the answer you want to hear, and add another snack to your flawlessly created “healthy snack list”. 

Yes! you are assuming it right. Dried fruits never make you fat. Unless they do not have added sugar. 

And Supple Agro Microgreens make it in the most natural way thriving the original sweetness of the fruit. 

(Note: Since dried fruits have zero percent water content, they are really light. We always prefer to eat as per the recommended servings.) 

Supple Agro Dried Fruits 

Congratulations! You have finally reached the point where you will unlock the complete details of all our dried fruits and their benefits. 

So hold your coffee mug tight and start scrolling your eyes! 

1. Dried Pineapple Coin

A fresh and chewy snack with a bursting flavor of pineapple. You can make it your to-go snack as it doesn’t require a refrigerator for preservation.

Supple Agro Dried Pineapple is fresh & chewy. It is hand-selected from the coastal beaches of Thailand, bursting with flavor and yes no added sugar.

Dried pineapple is a great snack that gives you the convenience of carrying along. You can use it on family occasions proffering health, happiness, and class at your house parties.

You can enjoy this tasty treat at home, in the office, or on the go!

Made up of!

Dried Pineapple (product of Thailand), Acidity regulator (citric acid), preservative (sodium metabisulfite). 

2. Dried blueberries

Blueberries are absolute love, but they have a low shelf life!  

What if I say, “you can now always have them with you”.

Oh of course you know-how, in a dried way. With the same nutritive value and no artificial sweeteners added. 

A perfect option to reduce stress and anxiety, enhance mood, improve memory, and to protect against heart diseases. 

Talking about the taste, Supple Agro’s whole dried blueberries are plump, sweet, and full of flavor.

Now you can enjoy your hot or cold cereals more, toss in salads, or mix with cakes. Even if you want it raw, it is an imperative choice. 

Made up of! 

Dried Blueberry, sunflower oil, and sugar.

3. Dried Cranberries

Cranberries have always been in high demand due to the presence of high fiber content, its ability to be amazingly rich in antioxidants, and the power of protecting teeth.

So to always keep you close with this wonderful fruit we extracted the moisture content and increased the shelf life. 

Supple agro cranberries are the perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess. A delicious and easy option to sprinkle on salad, add to the favorite course, or simply enjoy as a snack. 

No matter how you eat them, you’ll be amazed to know that our Cranberries are of the utmost premium quality. 

Just one bite and you’ll never settle for anything less.

Supple agro dried cranberries are truly loved by all age groups, especially kids, for their sweet and tangy flavor which can be used as a replacement for unhealthy toffees and chocolates for a higher source of vitamins and energy.

Made up of! 

Dried Cranberries and sunflower oil.

4. Dried mix berries

The combination that you have been searching for! 

With dried mix berries we give a combo of all the berries in one pack. So now you don’t have to be confused or think twice. Just grab a packet of our dried mix berries and feel the taste. 

With this pack, you get to feel the essence of our premium hand picked dry fruits. We never compromise on quality, right from sorting till packaging. 

Made up of!

Dried Cranberries, Dried strawberries, dried raspberries, dried blueberries, and sunflower oil.

5. Dried Kiwi

Kiwi resembles cuteness to me, full of dietary fiber, rich in vitamin & protein. 

What else could you possibly look for in a fruit? 

Supple agro-dried kiwi not only gives you the delicious sweet and slightly tangy taste. It also provides you a complete touch of care. It supports your immunity, boosts up your digestion, and makes your skin glow. 

They are simply ready to eat and you can sometimes add chocolate too, as a treat! 

Made up of!

Dried Kiwi (Product of Thailand), Acidity regulator (citric acid), preservative (sodium metabisulfite).

6. Dried Mango

Who doesn’t love “the king of fruits”. 

Nobody, we believe. So keeping it around was our responsibility.

Therefore we came up with a solution to increase the shelf life of mango so that you can always have something which is naturally sweet, a spectacular source of vitamin C and calcium. 

Supple agro dried mango provides you the real taste of mango and nutrients that you keep searching for in fresh mango slices. 

Our dried mango is rich in vitamin A, B- complex vitamins, dietary fiber, and antioxidants. 

You can consume it directly as a snack or keep it on the jar to flaunt on occasions. 

Made up of! 

Dried mango (Product of Thailand), Acidity regulator (citric acid), preservative (sodium metabisulfite). 

7. Dried Strawberries 

Just a look at strawberries can make you feel that this fruit is good for you. Be it the color, texture, or appearance. Strawberries never fail to amaze you.

And now you can keep them with you for a longer period of time in a dried form. You can use them as an add-on to your cereals, muesli, or just keep it along with your salad. It is good to go with all your meals. 

It is a snack for all your occasions, enjoy it for yourself or share it with your friends. 

Made up of! 

Dried strawberries (Product of Thailand), Acidity regulator (citric acid), preservative (sodium metabisulfite).

8. Mix seeds and berries

The combination of seeds and berries gives you a classic result to enjoy. This mixture combines sunflower seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, dried blueberry, and dried cranberries. 

An eternal mix of natural healthy seeds with wondrous health benefits of berries which is crunchy, tasty, and healthy. So give your taste buds an awesome punch of flavor and your tummy a boost of health.

Most of the time it is consumed as a healthy post-workout snack, party snack, just box it and bring to the office, you can also make it your travel buddy.

You can try it anytime, anywhere, and with anyone.

Take Away

All these dried fruits have extensive benefits ranging from high fiber and highly nutritive.

However, something which is truly a take away is “for a natural taste and optimum freshness, always keep them refrigerated (other than dried pineapple) and airtight. Never freeze and make sure to avoid direct sunlight. 

We wish you happy and healthy eating!

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