“Microgreens Kombucha drinks”, drink to make your health chill!

“Microgreens Kombucha drinks”, drink to make your health chill!

Looking at drinks makes everyone trusty and happy but at the same time reminds them that it is full of sugar and calories. 

Numerous articles and researches also unveil how most of the drinks lead to obesity and to several cardiovascular diseases.  Not only the carbonated drinks but also most of the packed juices that promise a lot of health advantages are not serving the purpose. 

The reason for it is a high temperature, as during the preservation and packaging process the fruit juices undergo pasteurization heat treatment to kill pathogens but the treatment also destroys the fruitful enzymes in the juice. 

However, going out to buy fresh juice everyday or making them at home is a real task! 

Therefore, microgreens have launched flavors that are healthy, handmade, and freshly delivered at your doorstep. 


Let me give you an introduction, “we call our kombucha artisanal” as we prepare them in small batches.

Also “each batch has an amazing specialty and a cute story”.

The ingredients used in making kombucha are organic kombucha culture water, organic black tea extracts, organic brown sugar which are infused with real fruits, herbs and flowers from our farms.

Yum yum, isn’t it? 

Not only the taste we take care of your health too, so all these drinks are vegan, gluten-free, low in sugar, and probiotic-rich.

(Making it a dream come true for fitness enthusiasts)

All the flavors 

We have launched 4 flavors and the response looks pretty astounding. So we thought to reveal the details of how these drinks will not only make you happy but also contribute to your health in their own magical way. 

1. Ginger and lemon 

Following the situation that the world is fighting with, we created a variation with kombucha drinks. 

“kombucha” which is always naturally effervescent, with the presence of vitamins and antioxidant-rich probiotic tea brewed by organic black tea, procured from Meghalaya’s.


Is now flavored with our farm fresh ginger and imported lemons making it rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, developed to cleanse the body and strengthen the immune system.

Drinking it daily will not only make you feel fresh but will also help you to grow your immunity. 

2. Blueberry and kaffir lime 

Out of all the berries, most people prefer blueberries because of its tremendous health benefits and delicious taste.

As we know the kombucha is naturally vivacious and consists of a high nutritional value so let’s directly switch to the benefits of combining it with blueberry and kaffir lime. 

The combination directly works for boosting immunity, reducing the risk of heart diseases, and detoxifying the blood.


Making it a drink that provides prosperity to your tummy and comfort to your health. 

3. Edible flowers 

Another lethal combination that comes to this queue is kombucha with our farm fresh hibiscus flowers.

These flowers are packed with antioxidants and help in lower blood pressure, boost liver health, and promotes weight loss.


Making it a choice for every age group.

4. Blueberry 

The demands of blueberries forced us to create a combination of kombucha with our farm fresh imported blueberries.

The combination is a marvelous source of antioxidants that helps in boosting immunity, boost brain health, reduces the risk of heart diseases, good sources of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.


They not only taste the best but serve all the expectations of a healthy body that you have been looking for. 

Best Seller Kombucha Pack

To make your job easy of search and then order, we did our homework and analyzed some of our best sellers that may suit you too. 

1. A combination of our top selling kombucha flavors

1 Blueberry + 1 blueberry kaffir lime + 1 edible flower + 1 ginger lemon 


Most of the people prefer trying one pack of each so we created a combo pack to provide you all our drinks for the best possible price.  

2. Gut Health Pack 

As the name suggests it is a combination for your gut boosting that helps in improving your digestion. 


The combo pack consists of  2 ginger lemon + 2 blueberry kaffir lime

3. Weight loss pack 

A combination that is specifically designed for weight loss. It functions in treating the digestion issues and detoxifies the blood. The ginger-lime is used to enhance metabolism and bring a sparkling glow on your skin. 

The combo pack includes 2 edible flowers + 2 blueberries kaffir lime + 2 ginger lime  


So now stop drinking boring water, switch to this flavored probiotic kombucha for weight loss. 

4. Immunity pack 

One of the rearrest combinations that particularly look into boosting the immunity. As a pure blueberry blend is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber and ginger lemon is good for heart, cold, and flu.

The combination combines 2 blueberries + 2 ginger lemon. 


Things to note

  • Supple Agro kombucha must be stored in the fridge. They have a three-month shelf life unopened. Once opened it’s good in the fridge for two days. 
  • With the bottle size of 250ml (you can alone finish this at one go!) 

Bottom Line 

The hunt for your all-time partner is over, you are just a click away to get all our drinks at your doorstep.

Order now! 

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