Frozen fruits Vs fresh fruits- Know the nutrients right.

Frozen fruits Vs fresh fruits- Know the nutrients right.

It is a known fact that we should eat as many fruits and vegetables as we can adding them as a part of our daily diet. Fruits give us energy, they make us full for a longer time, make our skin bright and most importantly, fruits are a tasty way of eating healthy and right. 

But what if you love to eat some fruits all the seasons. You love their taste, you want to drink their smoothie or your taste bud are continuously craving for them. 

This is the time when frozen fruits jump in. Frozen fruits come in the picture with their tremendously high shelf life. You can preserve them at your home and eat them whenever you want. 

Going frozen gives you a chance to enjoy your berries and mangoes even during winters and to have a flavour of all the fruits attached to your tongue in summers.

Isn’t it wonderful! 

So for the matter of fact, now we know that frozen fruits not only provide us convenience of not shopping daily but also give us a taste that we crave for. 

There are some questions that people wonder about frozen fruits and the most common question that comes is, “Do they have equal amounts of nutrients”? 

Nutrient quantity in Frozen Fruits Vs Fresh Fruits

Mostly frozen fruits have equal amounts of nutrients as compared to the fresh one’s. Especially carbohydrates, minerals, protein and fiber percentage remains the same, there could be a difference in phytonutrients and vitamins that could come due to freezing and packaging. 

There are some chances of losing water soluble vitamins like vitamin C. However, some of the studies also suggest that some fruits retain more nutrients when frozen as compared to eating raw. 

Is it safe to order frozen fruits online? 

Another question that we often hear is “does ordering frozen fruits online safe” as many people believe that they are inferior to fresh fruits. 

So here is the answer, yes it is a 100% safe and healthy option to opt. As many households prefer to add frozen corn, peas and fruits for daily use. Companies have developed with amazing options that provide you door to door services. 

So now you can just place your order for frozen fruits online and stop worrying about everything else. 

Benefits of eating frozen fruits

As mentioned in the beginning of this article eating fruits have a lot of benefits and most of us are aware about them. 

But this is the time to specially mark the benefits of adding frozen fruits to your diet and to give you reasons for buying them more. 

  1. Since frozen fruits are generally picked at peak ripeness, they are believed to be high with nutrition value. 
  2. They give you equal creative options to eat, just like a fresh one. For example, you can eat them raw, add them to your salads as dressing, make smoothies, shakes, etc. 
  3. They provide ease to buy and preserve, as they come with a high shelf life, you do not need to buy them again every day. You can simply keep them preserved at your home. 
  4. They are highly delicious and you do not need to peel or make any preparation before using them.

Take away 

This article gives you all the reasons to buy and eat frozen fruits. So next time you feel like eating fruits, no need to rush to the market. All you need to do is open your refrigerator and choose the fruit of your choice.  

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