Searching for a perfect gift? This is where you will find it.

Searching for a perfect gift? This is where you will find it.

The world is going through a difficult time. Though people have started following the new normal yet conditions are not really normal.

So Diwali could be a time when you can actually highlight your love for family and support your employees with motivation plus immunity. 

Thinking how could that possibly be done? 

Finding the right gift for anyone is one of the most difficult tasks. Especially when it comes to people who are often around you. 

All you wish is to see their smiling faces and shining eyes.

And because we understand that, therefore we have created some amazing hampers that will definitely make your loved ones say “Aww, why do you care so much?”.

We not only provide you the chance of making your family and employees smile but also encourage their internal glow and immunity. 

And what we have for that? 

1. Timeless Gift Hamper

A hamper that seems sophisticated and feels lively.

You can anytime order and enjoy the tongue holding taste of the juiciest variety of fruits like Shimla Apple and Red Grapes with the spicy taste of cornitos.

To complete the entire experience and to make you desire it for longer we have added different seeds to it.

The package feels complete satisfaction, with so much love, care, and those cute ribbons wishing your words. You can gift it to your friends, colleagues, employees, and family. 

Timeless Gift Hamper

2. Divine Gift Hamper

A newly created hamper with one of our recently launched drinks. The hamper gives you a feel to relax while watching your favorite movie.

All you have to think about is “selection of the right movie” because we have a healthy drink and snack ready for you.

Additionally, with this package, you get 4 different seeds free, which you can eat raw or add to your meals.

Where could you find a better deal than this, it’s all the healthy vibes that we spread.

What!! You don’t want it for yourself. That’s okay, you can anytime give this to your loved ones and ask them to rest for a while.

The products will be protected by a thick box with a beautiful ribbon and a personal note.

3. Medley Gift Hamper

For all the people who love to keep a complete stock at home. Well, a medley gift hamper is the best option for you.

Just because it is named as a gift hamper does not necessarily mean it is for others, I remember when I was a kid I used to buy gifts for others and keep it for myself (hahaha, that was real fun). This still makes me laugh!

For you, I want to remind you that you can buy a gift this Diwali for your own self. Can make your soul happy this time.

And if you want a gift for others, there could not be any other surprisingly amazing hamper with varieties of products like  Malta, Kiwi, Grapes, Seeds, and Kombucha that are beautifully assembled in a box with a stylish ribbon.

4. Mix Salad Nachos Hamper

A combination that easily blends together and comes out as a mouth-watering recipe.

The hamper consists of 2 packets of quinoa cornitos nachos, 2 pumpkin seeds, Salsa 4 in 1, 1 mix salad, 1 curly parsley perfectly tied in a hamper. 

Making it an absolute option to give or keep in your dining area. You can use it as a starter or maybe as an alternative to your regular salad. 

So spice up your daily meals, by adding these attractive deals.

5. Extravaganza Fruit Basket

Make your walk-in, at every event even more delightful by holding a perfectly arranged and delicately sorted fruit baskets.

The basket consists of fruits like Pear, Green Apple, Kiwi, and fruits which are elegantly assembled in a basket with a classic ribbon.

It is definitely a graceful gift for your family, friends, or relatives at special moments like birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or any other celebrations.

And yes, your perfectly lined liner with that amazing party dress will surely go best with a fruit basket in your hand.

6. Ultimate Deluxe Fruit basket

A handy fruit basket to keep at the top of your dining table or to carry along.

It is a delicately selected assortment of fresh fruits that holds the most delicious kind of fruits like Pear, Kiwi Golden, Mango, and any other fruit of your choice that are superbly gathered in a basket with a charming ribbon.

Share this pretty gift with your family, buddies, or relatives at special times and keep the celebrations on.

7. Cheese and Bean Veggie Nachos Hamper

”Let’s keep it a little simple combo”. 
This is one of our combos that certainly speak up to bring smiles on faces that love cornitos and want to stay healthy. 

A perfect combination of Cornitos melange nachos 2 pack, Caesar salad  1, cornitos salsa 4 in 1 at one hamper.

I would call it a hamper that you would really want!

8. Delightful Fruit Basket

A carefully picked variety of unique fruits that contains the most sensational mixture like Pear, Kiwi Golden, Apple, and fruits that are excellently modeled in a basket with a precisely drafted ribbon.

It is a delicate and premium gift for loved ones.

9. Excellence Fruit Basket

Celebrate the intimacy of bonds with this colored fruit basket. For the people, who loved keeping the color of the thing related. As the name suggests it is clearly an excellent choice for fruit lovers.

The excellence fruit basket consists of fruits such as Melon, Blueberry, Apples, Pear, and you can anytime add any fruit of your choice. 

The fruits will be arranged in a basket decorated with ribbons and filled with our love.

10. Luxurious Indulgence Fruit Box

A box that makes you feel classic yet elegant. With lots of fruits perfectly arranged in a light green color box tied with a ribbon.

The box that will make you feel really special. No matter you are holding it as a gift or slaying it at your dining table. It will always go with the flow of your style.

The box consists of fruits like Malta, Apple, Grapes, and other fruits handled by a hardboard box excellently tied up by a beautiful ribbon.

11. Orchard’s Treasure Fruit Basket

The fruits like Pear, Apple, Kiwi, Malta, Red Globe Grapes, Langra Mango, and Pomegranate are arranged in a colorful basket tied with ribbon in a beautiful fashion. 

You can keep it at your dining area or gift it to family and friends.

12. Presidential Fruit Basket

Get a classic feel with our premium presidential basket at your home. A basket with premium fruits and amazing packaging decorated with ribbons wishing your smile.

The basket is full of fruits like Apple, Kiwi, Chausa Mango, Pomegranate, Cherry and some other fruits that are creatively assembled in a basket with a stylish ribbon.

Gift it to your friends or family and you will get to see their amazing smile. 

13. Season’s Relish Gift Hamper

A hamper with season’s real fruits, two jars of seeds and one kombucha drink. The hamper that makes you feel fresh inside out. It is created to be carried in a very convenient manner wrapped with ribbons all around.

14. Seeds Combo Pack

For the seed lovers who love adding seeds to almost everything they eat. This is one of our best saving packs where you get all the flavors of seeds at one go. 
There are three jars of seeds, you can choose them by yourself. Create your own package by selecting your favorite seeds.

Get them tied up with our special ribbons and carry it with you wherever you go.

15. Summer Delight Nachos Hamper

Simple and healthy hamper that consists of Mangoes 1 kg , Cornitos Peri-peri nachos 2 packets, Green Kiwi pack of 4 , Salsa Dip 4 in 1. 

All these products are kept together to build a perfect combination that you can arrange at your dining room or gift to family and friends.

Take away

All these hampers are exclusively created to offer you the best deals in our premium hampers.

Let me be simple and direct “these are our most selling and amazing offers, don’t miss them”.

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