This will happen if you eat dates daily.

This will happen if you eat dates daily.

A fruit which is sweet in taste and can make you feel the fibrous taste just by grabbing the very first bite of it. 

But what happens if we eat it daily?

In this article, we will not only discuss what will happen when you eat dates daily but will also know the right quantity of dates that you should eat.

So if you are a date lover, this is everything that you are looking for, and once you know the benefits. I know you will directly jump to add them to your everyday routine. 

Let’s start with knowing the benefits of dates. 

How dates helps our health

Dates have many health benefits starting from maintaining the cholesterol level to increasing the immunity of the body. 

  • Helps in lowering cholesterol level- In a world full of tasty and junk food options everywhere, it is high time to take care of our body internally. The cholesterol level of the population is increasing day by day and even if it isn’t, there is no harm in taking preventive measures. Right?
  • Rich in antioxidants- Dates are found to be extremely high in antioxidants that help in removing the free radicals from the cells and therefore preventing the body from cancer and certain heart diseases.
  • Make bones stronger- Copper, magnesium, and selenium present in dates help the bones to stay away from any bone-related disorders. Plus dates are abundant with vitamin K that helps in the coagulation of blood and metabolize the bones. 
  • Decreases the chances of diabetes- Diabetes is one of the most common diseases that can be in a huge population of India. According to recent research by WHO it is found that 72.96 million people are currently found to be Diabetic. And eating dates daily can help you decrease the chances of diabetes by reducing blood sugar and fat levels.
  • Helps skin to glow-  Who does not wish to have glowing skin? Everyone wants it, and vitamin C is all your skin is asking for to maintain elasticity and smoothness. Dates not only help you to get glowing skin but also hold some anti-aging properties, helping you stay young.

There are many more benefits of eating dates daily, like they help in lowering the sugar craving, supports in weight loss and also helps in improving digestion.

But how many dates should we consume daily?

It is equally important to know the right amount of date consumption as eating more than required may have some negative impacts too.

You can have 4-5 dates every day, but eating more can make you gain weight, rather than losing it.

The final notes

You can eat fresh dates or dried ones according to your own taste and preference, both of them have the same nutrient quantity. However, dried dates are more convenient to store as compared to fresh once and they have a higher shelf life. 

No matter which dates you prefer, make a habit of making them a part of your everyday diet. 
So buy dates today and keep your home stock up for long! 

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