Benefits of chia seeds, A nutritional value for health.

‘Let’s go on a CHIA ride’

With thousands of nutritional nuts and seeds, there is one that gain our attention i.e. CHIA SEEDS. Let’s have a jump in the interesting history of these seeds. Do you know? The ancient civilizations believed that the chia seeds provided supernatural powers. In some languages ‘CHIA’ means ‘strength’, this probably has to do with the large amount of energy provided by it. Ancient warriors attributed their stamina to these tiny seeds.

Knowing the existence of chia seeds since the pre-columbian times as an important food crop. These seeds came from another corner of the world and spread its richness and nutritional value amongst the parts globally. 

What are Chia seeds?

When we follow a diet or start adding nutritional rich food 

According to it, the major thing that we all need to know is what these foods are, what are their benefits and side-effects and most importantly their nutritional value. Let’s discuss what chia seeds are? 

Chia seeds came from a desert plant and a member of the mint family. These are tiny black or white seeds. It can absorb 12 times more than its weight and develop a gel-like texture when soaked. People in spite of knowing the value of chia seeds, sometimes don’t know how to eat them? The answer is you can eat them in whole or milled form, it doesn’t lose its nutritional value either way. You can make chia puddings, chia smoothie, baked in cakes, or even you can add it in your tea.

Nutritional benefits and side-effects.

  • Rich in Antioxidants

Love yourself and don’t want to grow old early? Let’s slow down aging with chia seeds. These miracle seeds reduce the signs of aging, give a healthy glowing skin, reduces wrinkles and improves hair texture. It must be consumed in an appropriate amount as it can cause allergies.

  • Fiber

Searching for fiber in your diet, add the seeds. Chia seeds have almost all the required fibre in your diet. But excessive fibres can cause indigestion and constipation.

  • A source of protein 

It’s difficult to find a protein source for your diet especially when you are a vegan. Be a ‘chiaTARIAN’.

  • The 3’s 

These seeds are rich with omega-3 fatty acids which reduces depression, improves your sleep and the risk of heart related diseases. 

CHIA – The trend 

Since the people shifted to a plant-based diet for a healthy lifestyle, the demand for chia seeds stimulated as chia is on its journey to get mainstream as a proper functional food.

Increasing adoption of gluten-free diets is boosting the global chia seeds market and this is due to growing awareness of health and lifestyle. It is now formulated as a wide food range such as baked products, cereals and seed mixes.

Chia seeds from Microgreens

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