Chia seeds can be consumed as snacks, smoothies, or eating raw with water. But what is the best time to consume them?
What is the best time to eat chia seeds?

What is the best time to eat chia seeds?

Chia seeds are edible seeds that have been recently highly popular in India. They are proven to be very nutritious and beneficial for the human body. 

They are abundant in antioxidants, therefore they protect our body against free radicals and from cancer, heart diseases, and some other diseases. They are also full of fiber, researches also say that all the carbs in chia seeds are the fiber that makes them perfect for people who are trying to lose weight. 

They are also known to be a supporter of smooth bowel movement and easy digestion. Along with all these benefits, chia seeds are full of healthy fats, protein, calcium, and certain vitamins. 

Now the most important question comes, what is the best time to eat chia seeds

Best time to eat chia seeds

Consumption of chia seeds in the morning especially on an empty stomach is considered to be the best time to consume them, as they increase the metabolism and support the digestion of every meal of the day.

However, some research also supports that eating them at night helps in providing a better sleep pattern. So it doesn’t matter what time you prefer to eat chia seeds, make a habit of adding them to your meal. 

Note: Since chia seeds are high in fiber, you should eat around 20 grams of chia seeds. 

Ways to consume chia seeds

There are many ways to consume chia seeds, you can be creative with seeds. The easiest way of eating them is by adding them to water and eating them directly.

  • Add chia to Juice- Another way to eat chia seeds daily is adding them to juice, you can soak these seeds into your everyday juice and eat them. 
  • Chia Pudding- You can also make chia pudding as a part of your meal, they are healthy, tasty, and keep you full for a longer time. 
  • Chia in smoothies/ truffle- Add chia seeds at the top of smoothies or truffle and make the taste even better. 

Should we order chia seeds online?

A short answer to this question is “Yes” and a long answer is “Yesssss”! 

You can anytime order chia seeds online and keep them stored at your home, along with chia seeds you can add pumpkin seeds or any other seeds. But yes you can order them online. 

Place your order now! 

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